AcaFemia: Women in Academia

Workshop for women in political economics, Mannheim, May 2019


AcaFemia is an association for female academics in the social sciences. Our main goal is to support the academic careers and ambitions of women by generating networks, offering mentoring and support, and creating a platform for female academics to engage in scholarly discussion and exchange.



We are offering an annual academic conference, workshops in more specific sub-fields, as well as short-courses for methods training, and career development.

Our Mission

Women in academia, especially senior professors in the social and natural sciences are a rare breed. For decades women have tried to climb the career ladders and become successful and respected researchers in their respective fields. In doing so they face many obstacles, starting with unconscious biases that affect their potential for publishing or generating job offers, to flat out gender discrimination. One such obstacle is the dominance of men in professional associations. More often than not old boys' networks are still governing our academic organizations. Women have tried - and often failed - to break into the leadership of scholarly organizations.

AcaFemia attempts to fill this void by creating an academic association for female scholars engaged in analytical and empirical social sciences. Our main goal is to offer an inter-disciplinary academic platform that allows women to engage in scholarly discussion and exchange, offers mentoring and support for young female academics to foster their career development, and by doing so creating a powerful female academic network, reducing biases and discrimination.